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  1. Sponsor a Poor Child Project

Direct Sponsorship: Under this arrangement the sponsor takes full responsibility for the upkeep of the child. He cares for the child exactly the same way he would care for his biological child. The only difference is that the sponsored child still lives with his biological parents. The upkeep of the child would include regular allowance sent to the parents for the child’s feeding, clothing, medical and education. In essence the child actually becomes a foster child of the sponsor.

 How to sponsor a child directly: Identify a poor child within your locality. Approach the parents and make a commitment to be responsible for the child’s upkeep-feeding, clothing, education, guidance- from infancy to adulthood. You do this while the child still lives with the biological parents. Project-Help-a Child Initiative could also link you up to a poor family whose child/children need support. We have a lot of poor children on our data base that are waiting right now to be sponsored. You can sponsor any poor child anywhere in the world, distance certainly is not a barrier.

Indirect Sponsorship: Project- Help-a-Child initiative directly sponsors indigent children all over the world. As an indirect sponsor, you partner with us by making Monthly donation to enable us support the numerous children under our direct sponsorship. Your donations or financial support will also enable us to increase the number of children under our direct sponsorship. The sponsorship of the children covers their feeding, clothing, medicals and education.  Our goal to directly sponsor about 10,000 indigent children globally, by the year 2020

Corporate Sponsorship: This charity project also offers enormous opportunity for companies to exercise their corporate social responsibility by sponsoring indigent kids, giving them hope and a better life. With about $100 monthly, corporate organizations can sponsor poor kid. The sponsorship covers feeding, clothing, medicals and scholarship. Interested organization that wants to offer corporate sponsorship to kids should kindly contact us via Tel: +2348087656176, +2348084701414 Email: