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It is a well-known fact that the media wields enormous power in influencing societal values and culture. The promotion and entrenchment of new societal ideals require the contribution of the media. On this note therefore, we humbly request the partnership of all well-meaning media organizations, all over the world, to support this noble project of promoting the virtue of love amongst humanity, in order for us to create a better world for all. 

For Print media, online Newspaper, magazines and blogs

  1. You could publish news of our activities/events, feature stories, interviews, article or press releases related to all our Projects, on your media platform to create adequate awareness for the campaign.
  2.  You could attend our press briefing, campaign rallies, and conferences to provide media coverage
  3.  Online newspapers/ blogs could also post the videos of our messages and events
  4.  Online/ print media, could provide us an opportunity as guest columnist to write regular articles to sensitize the public about our projects

For Terrestrial Radio/ Television Stations and Online Radio/Television
1.    You could broadcast the news stories or documentaries of all our activities/ events to create adequate awareness
2.    You could invite our Team to participate in any interview program at your station, that relates to children’s welfare, community service, societal moral value system, philanthropy, religion and youth development etc. This opportunity will enable us to showcase our charity Projects to the public.
3.    You could offer us an airtime on your station, to run “The Voice of Change” weekly program that is aimed at creating awareness, educating and inspiring the public to imbibe the virtue of love
4.    You could attend our press briefing, campaign rallies, and conferences to provide media coverage

How your support for this project will benefit your organization

1.    You would be accorded the enviable status of a “Media Ambassador” for the project
2.    Your company’s logo will be displayed on our website as media partners 
3.    You will enjoy enormous goodwill from the public as an organization that is promoting the development of a better society
4.    This project provides you with the opportunity to carry out your corporate social responsibility.
5.    The public goodwill you will enjoy from this partnership will boost your corporate image perception and patronage.