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Free Cloth Bank Project

Clothing is one of the basic necessities of life, but unfortunately many poor kids and even adults do not have sufficient cloths to wear. Many even go about naked. The harsh global economic situation has further incapacitated many families to afford decent clothing. Ironically,  this is not so with the rich and the middle class members of the society, who have so many of their unused clothes and that of their kids, stashed away in wardrobe. The idea behind the free cloth bank project, therefore, is to collect unused clothes from the rich and distribute to the poor.

The project was launched in September, 2016,with the first distribution done in Ajegunle-Ikorodu, Lagos Nigeria.

 Distribution takes place every month. You can be a part of the project by sending us your used clothes and that of your children. If you are in Lagos, just give us a call, we would come and pick them up. +2348087656176, +2348084701414

The vision of the Free Cloth Bank Project is to build a mega warehouse where rich people can walk in and drop off their unused clothes, and the poor can as well walk in and get free clothing