Help! Little Uthman and David need N2.5 Million ($6,500) each for Heart Surgery links.

Become a Volunteer

“Volunteers do not necessarily have the time, but they have the heart”

 “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others”

 “Volunteering is at the core of being human. No one has made it through life without someone else’s help”

“We make a living by what we get, and we make a life by what we give”


Our volunteers are an integral part of our workforce, they are our voice, our body that makes up the project team. They are the powerhouse behind everything we do. They use their skills, creativity, voices and connections to create the needed awareness around inequality and drive the vision with an understanding of its goal of spreading the message of love all over the world.

Through being a volunteer, we offer you an opportunity to learn more about the vision of the project and you take action as individuals through one of our collective or selected area and be actively involved.

Without volunteers, we cannot achieve a lot and we cannot help many indigent children around the world who need our support. We cannot also sustain the organization administrative overhead without a functioning volunteer financial partners to carry the huge burden with us.

We are confident that with you we can do more as we join hands together to make the world a better place.

How you can support the Project-Help-a-Child Global Campaign

As a volunteer, you can support us by identifying with any of the followig sub-projects

1. Help to provide sponsorship for poor kids by linking sponsors to us

-Help to source for credible sponsors by talking to capable people and sending proposals to target organizations

-Identify poor kids in your locality that truly needs support

-Support to print awareness creation materials- T-shirts, flyers and banners

-Help to distribute flyers and paste banners

-Talk to people you know and encourage them to sponsor poor kids

-Invite a friend to join our volunteer team

2.Support the cloth bank project

-Help to source for used cloths from neighbours, friends and family members

-Join in the distribution of used clothes to poor people

-Support to print awareness materials: T-shirts, flyers and banners

-Help to distribute flyers and paste banners

-Invite a friend to join the team as a volunteer

3.Providing public-assisted financial support for poor children with hole in the heart

-Help to source for capable individuals and organizations that can provide the financial assistance for the children heart surgery

-Help in sending both hard copy or online proposals to companies, NGOs, Foundations and donor agency to support the project

-Help to source and build partnership with media organizations- Tv, Radio, Print and Online media, to support the promotion of the project and drive for      financial assistance

-Support to print awareness materials: T-shirts, flyers and banners

-Join the team that would go to Radio and Television stations for the public support campaign

-Invite a friend to join the team as a volunteer

4.Building partnership with private schools to provide scholarship for poor kids

-Look for schools that are willing to partner with us, to offer scholarship for poor kids within their locality

-Identify poor kids within that locality that will benefit from the scholarship

-Link the poor kids to the schools

-Invite a friend to join the team as a volunteer

5.Building partnership with private hospital to offer free medical services for poor child

-Look for hospitals that are willing to partner with us, to offer free medical services for poor kids within their locality

-Identify poor kids within that locality that will benefit from the free medical services

-Link the poor kids to the hospitals

-Invite a friend to join the team as a volunteer

6.Organizing awareness campaign against child abuse:

This campaign covers the following areas.

Maltreatment of children house help;

The use of children for street hawking;

Rehabilitation of street children

-Print awareness materials: T-shirts, flyers and banners for the campaign.

-Build media partnership for the campaign

-Organize periodic mini rallies to sensitize and educate the public on the ills of child abuse

-Invite a friend to join the team as a volunteer

7. Support the free school meal for poor kids program

-Help to source for partners- Restaurants, food manufacturing companies, raw food vendors, caterers that will support the projects

-Identify  schools that would benefit from the project and make arrangement with the school management

-Participate in the distribution of food to the beneficiary schools

-Support to print Awareness materials for the program: T-shirt, flyers and banners

-Help to build media relationship to promote the project

-Invite a friend to join the volunteer team


You can also volunteer to provide free administrative support: If you live in Lagos and its environ, you can volunteer one day in a week, to come to our office in Ikeja, to help provide administrative support for the Project-Help-A-Child office operations.


You can support Project-Help-A-Child initiative with a monthly generous donation of an amount as low as N1000, N2,000, or N5,000, N10,000, N20,000 per month or any Amount God lays in your heart.

Your generous donations will help to Support our huge administrative/ operational cost.

Sustain and boost our capacity to cater for the children under our direct sponsorship( presently, we have four children: David, Michael, John and Joy. With your support we can increase this number  to one thousand children by the year 2030)

Make funds available to organize campaigns, rallies, workshops and conferences

 Your generous donations will also enable us to do charity- give food and financial assistance to indigent families.

Enable us to start a Radio/Television program to promote the Project-Help-a-Child Campaign

     Donations should be made through direct cash deposit/ bank transfer/ Mobile money Transfer to our Bank Account;

    Account Name: – Voice of Divine Truth Int’l Outreach, Bank: – Zenith Bank Plc, A/C No.: – 1014391610


   Beloved, your generous donations will help to save a life; give hope and a better future to indigent children all over the world!

   Support and join us today, to help create a world where no child lives in lack

To join our network of global please kindly contact us via Tel: +2348087656176, +2348084701414    Email: