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Zechariah 7:10
"Do not oppress widows, orphans, foreigners, and the poor. And do not scheme against each other"

Mrs. Aminat Ayodele is a 41 year old widow who lives in Irewe Riverside area, Ojo Local Governemnt Lagos with her three children. Mrs. Ayodele has Six children but only lives with her three youngest children while, her older three children stay with different relatives, who help to cater for them as she is unable to provide for them all.

Having lost her husband 4 years ago, Mrs. Ayodele does whatever she can to feed the family. She is a very industrious woman, who is never jobless as she picks up whatever trade comes her way. Mrs. Ayodele explained; that before her husband died, she used to process and sell garri (cassava flakes) but with no financial support, she has been unable to continue with that business.
In order to feed, what Mrs. Ayodele does, is to go to the riverside to gather crabs, periwinkles and other sea creatures which she then sells on land. With the gain she makes, Mrs. Ayodele then buys the materials needed for mat weaving to make mats which she sells. She sometimes also uses her gain to buy coconuts which is easily accessible in the riverside area and then goes to land to sell them at higher rates.

Her willingness and zeal to do whatever she can to feed her family is very commendable and this is what caught the attention of the charity city project team, who visited Mrs. Ayodele to present to her a cash donation. The Charity City Project Team presented Mrs. Ayodele with a sum of N15,000 as a start-up fund to help her begin a petty business of her own.
Mrs. Ayodele intends to use the money to buy a large quantity of coconut, which she will resell at a higher rate. She plans to continuously turn over the profits to keep making more gains.

While presenting the cash donation to her, the leader of the team Azemobor Gregory enjoined her to make judicious use of the money to boost her petty business so she could adequately provide for the family.

If you are also interested in supporting a poor widow out there, who has a petty business with a donation to boost her trade or a start- up capital for a poor widow to start a petty business, kindly call +2348084701414, +2348087656176.
With N20,000 donation, a widow and her family can be lifted out of poverty.
Throughout the months of May and June 2018, we shall be involved in training and empowerment of poor widows and families.

Join us to create a world where nobody lives in lack!

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