Help! Little Uthman and David need N2.5 Million ($6,500) each for Heart Surgery links.

A cash presentation was made today to Mrs. Ngozi Okafor to finance the education of her son Chigozie Okafor. Chigozie who is 11 years old has had to stay at home for two years now because his mother was unable to pay for his Common Entrance Examination which is a prerequisite to be admitted into Secondary School, and for this reason he is now two years behind his fellow age mates. Mrs Okafor is experiencing a traumatic life of agony and hopelessness, her husband who ran away from home for three years now has left her to provide for their kids after he could not keep up with the hardship. She has now been saddled with the responsibility of catering for her Five Children all alone, one of which is paralyzed and was recently given a wheel chair by Charity City Project to help in his mobility. Mrs. Okafor came to us for help and with the support of our donors; we were able to provide the funds needed for her son to continue his education. We know how important it is that a child remains in school and that is why we try to inspire people with our actions and remind them that there are children out there who need your help, if you have, give and you will be amazed as God will replenish you for helping those in need.
We promised Mrs. Okafor that we would assist her in setting up a business by empowering her so she can afford to cater for her kids and ensure they get the right education needed. With the right information and planning, she will be able to run a petty business successfully and become self sustained.
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