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RubyLand Academy; a frontline nursery and primary school in Lagos with the aim of empowering children to strive and achieve, hosted its very first 'Heal The World' initiative program yesterday 14th February, 2018 which happens to be Valentine’s Day. Based on the popular saying that "charity begins at home" the school decided to host the event right in their neighborhood at 1st Avenue, Festac Town, Lagos where the target of the day was to feed 3000 indigent citizens in Festac Town. The initiative came as a need to do something unusual that extends love beyond ourselves and to teach the children the culture of being responsible to their neighbors and helping to make the society a better place.

The event started at 10am with some music which immediately attracted the attention of passers-by who stopped to see what love the school had in store for them. The people while waiting for the meal to be served took their time to select a piece of clothing for themselves or their loved ones. Everyone who came out today left with a pack of food, a bottle of water and a clothing item. 

Mr. Donald Akhimien, the Proprietor of RubyLand Academy and the initiator of “Heal The World” program who agreed to speak to us, encouraged the public to learn to share what they have with their neighbors rather than being selfish because there a lot of people out there who have no food or clothes to wear. And if we share with them and celebrate Valentine’s Day by reaching out to others in need, this will inspire the children to become agents of positive change in the society and their immediate environment. He explained that no matter how rich you are, if people around you are poor then you also are poor because our society is a true reflection of who we are.

The event was successful with the help of the support the school received from the general public and the major contributions from the parents. Also at the event to support this laudable initiative was The Charity City Project team led by the convener, Mr. Azemobor Gregory. Azemobor who spoke at the event said, ‘We are happy to identify with the noble event that the school is organizing today, because it exemplifies our vision as an organization to create a world where to nobody lives in lack. I believe that this gesture to inculcate the culture of charity into the pupils of this school at their tender age is quite laudable. And I want to encourage other schools in Nigeria to tow this noble part. Actually my desire is for the government to integrate community service into our school curriculum. This will go a long way to raise a new breed of future leaders devoid of greed who are ready to serve their country selflessly for the growth and development of our nation” The Heal The World event promises to hold annually with a bigger and better outreach each year

The message of the day was that the best way to show love is to reach out to people in need and not those who already have and by doing this, full satisfaction will be achieved from the joy that others have received from you. If you live around Festac Town, Lagos then I hope you stopped by to collect your Valentine’s Day gift from the children who were dishing out love.


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