Help! Little Uthman and David need N2.5 Million ($6,500) each for Heart Surgery links.



Rest in Peace Little Bright Oladosu

For over 4 months we campaigned and solicited for public donations/support to help save the life of little Bright Oladosu, Surprising no help or support came. He needed about N5 million for a corrective heart surgery.Regrettably he died yesterday as a result of complications from the heart ailment!


While the campaign lasted, we were faced with public apathy, skepticism and general lack of support:

No donation was realized!

Televisiion and Radio stations rejected our appeal to support the campaign( except Radio continental 102.3)

No blog or newspaper agreed to publish the story

Many people refused to share the story on facebook ( except about 2 or 3 friends)

No body saw the need to rebroadcast it on Whatsapp

Many people that saw the story on the social media were not moved with compassion to help( afterall they have more pressing personal issues to use their money for, than to spend a kobo for a case they are not even sure if it is real)


Yes! This is the reality of our collective loss of shared humanity. we are too preoccupied with our individual lives than to care for one another.

so sad! we have lost our sense of compassion and love for humanity


My heart goes out to the poor father who is a widower, He tried his best to save the life of his child, but there was nothing he could do financially.

May God grant the bereaved father the fortitude to bear this irreparable loss

Rest in Peace little Bright Oladosu

The Project-Help-a Child team loves you!


Beloved, you need to join this campaign to save lives of indigent kids!

Presently we are running a campaign to raise fund for a heart surgery for 2 other kids born with hole in the heart!

To join this campaign, please kindly

contact us:08084701414 to see how you could support

God bless you.

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